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Frequently Asked Questions

About Cable Candy

What is Cable Candy?

Cable Candy offers 27 colourful products which help to organise cables in a convenient way thus offering solutions for cable clutter.

What is the mission of Cable Candy?

Cable Candy helps to tidy up all your cables while being easy-to-use, convenient and colourful.

Since when is Cable Candy available?

After a year-long development, Cable Candy was launched in Austria at the beginning of 2017.

How many Cable Candy products are available?

At the time our portfolio consists of 27 products and we are permanently expanding our portfolio.

Where can I use Cable Candy?

Wherever cables need to be tidied up: at home, in the office, in your car or on-the-go.

Can I combine several Cable Candy products?

Especially Beans are easy to combine to guide and fix cables, but basically all products can be used complementary or parallel.

How often can Cable Candy products be used?

All products except the Beans range are re-useable. The self-adhesive beans cannot be used after their removal and therefore you will find a sufficient amount of beans in each pack. Nevertheless, Beans can be removed without problems from smooth and firm surfaces.

How do I best remove my Cable Candy from a surface?

Please note that the Cable Candy Beans and Turtles are intended for smooth and firm interior surfaces.

The Beans range is equipped with a self-adhesive 3M sticker. Adhesive force may increase over time. Especially when applied on structured surfaces like walls, removing free from residues cannot be guaranteed. To remove Beans, pull off gently and alongside of the surface. Use a cleaner suitable for the respective surface to remove persistent remains of the 3M sticker.

The Turtle range provides a nano-sticky pad to make it re-usable. Simply peel it off and reposition it over and over again. Do not apply on e.g. walls or ceilings, adhesive force may decrease over time and the Turtle could drop down.

Is Cable Candy edible?

Although the brand is named „Candy“, the products are not suitable for consumption. They are made of high-quality silicone and other synthetic materials and are not harmful to health and free from toxins.

Where can I buy Cable Candy?

Cable Candy is available in retail stores in more than 20 countries and can also be bought online. Please write an e-mail to mentioning your country and we will send you a list of retailers selling Cable Candy there.

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