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Tidy up your cables
the easy way!

27 Candies help to tidy up all your cables while being easy-to-use, convenient and colourful.

At home, in the office, in your car or on-the-go.

Just 4 of our 27 products

Cable Ties Set New

Use Cable Ties to quickly and easily bundle your cables and headphones.


Beans guide and fix cables wherever you need them.

Small Beans

Small Beans guide and fix cables without attracting unwanted attention.

Mixed Beans

Mixed Beans combine two types of Beans to guide and fix your cables.

Give me more
Cable Ties!

Our new Cable Ties combine 3 different lengths and come in 3 stylish colours.

Any more questions?

Cable Candy products are easy-to-use, convenient and colourful. But if you still want to learn more, check out the FAQ.