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Brand and partner benefits

As a distributor you want to expand your business to new channels and as a retailer you want to increase sales with your existing network of retail shops. So in short the goal is to increase sales, ideally with no headache and low risk.

Our retail approach is a wholesome one, covering the entire value chain from production to the touchpoints with the consumers and therefore we coined the term The 5 Cable Candy Success Factors.

The 5 Cable Candy success factors

Starting with the consumer in mind we created a Fresh Brand that is solely dedicated to cable management, opening up a completely new category and sales channels. As a brand you grow (or die) with your premium quality and innovation resulting in an Expanding Portfolio. One of the strengths of classic retail is impulse buying which can and should be triggered by a Head-turning POS Activation catering for all kinds of retail business from SME to large retailers. The backbone of successful business is a flexible and Straightforward Supply Chain and a customer-oriented End-to-end Sales Support to individually help the retailer by understanding its business needs.

Fresh Brand

Expanding Portfolio

Head-turning POS Activation

Straightforward Supply Chain

End-to-end Sales Support

Benefits for our partners and consumers

Distributors' Benefits

  • More than 25 years B2B experience
  • Low starting costs and risks
  • Attractive margins
  • Flexible Supply Chain
  • Exclusive distribution rights*
  • Business support and experience exchange

Retailers' Benefits

  • Suitable for almost every sales channel
  • New category for additional revenue
  • Attractive margins
  • $ 6.99 - 9.99 MSRP** triggers impulse purchases
  • Designed to attract consumers' attention
  • Head-turning POS acitivation for all channels

Consumers' Benefits

  • Fresh and emotional brand
  • Tidies up all cables the easy way
  • 24 Candies offer a solution for any cable problem
  • Easy-to-use, convenient and colourful
  • Money-saving $ 6.99 - 9.99 MSRP**
* Each distributor receives a customized agreement settling the rights and obligations of the parties involved. The distribution rights will specify geographic region and sales channel. ** The Manufacturers' Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is the recommended price for the end consumer incl. taxes and other fees.

Suitable for every sales channel

As a grab-and-go product, Cable Candy is suitable for almost every sales channel. The key for success is our head-turning POS activation and we support our distributors and retailers with the specific business and channel needs.

Interested in becoming a Cable Candy partner?

We are looking for partners to expand the Cable Candy footprint around the world. Participate now in our expanding brand by providing us with information that will help us get to know your company. We will personally get back to you with more details for a long-standing business partnership.

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Get in contact with us by e-mail or meet us personally at one of the upcoming trade shows where Cable Candy will exhibit.

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