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Head-turning POS activation

Our tested POS material boosts sales by catching the consumers’ attention and is easy to apply

One strength of classic retailing is the physical presence of its consumers.

A head-turning POS activation helps you to trigger impulse buying which generates on-top sales. To tap into that potential we offer a wide range of tested POS material for different channels, outlet sizes and customer needs.

Draw the customers in!


Well-placed and widely visible POS materials help to get the customers' attention and is the first step to drawing them in.


At a medium distance consumers see more of brand and products which heigthens their interest and get them within reach.


When the consumer is finally touching the packaging an emotional brand with ensuring facts helps to close the deal.

Combine several touchpoints!

Shelf Activation

In-wall shelf presentation secures continuing sales and can also be used for cross-selling between complementary categories.

Floor Displays

Floor displays are perfect for smaller shops with limited shelf space, secondary placements or for in-out-promotions.

Counter Displays

Best for highly frequented areas like service counters, check-outs or as additional in-store placements.

Put it in YOUR channel!


Consumer Electronics

DIY / Home Improvment

What about MY sales channel?

Cable Candy is suitable for almost every sales channel, find the most best-suited in the brand benefit section.