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Cable Tags

These re-usable Cable Tags are made of soft silicone and can easily be hooked onto cables up to 8 mm | 5/16” diameter to mark them. By tagging them with 8 different colours you will never mix them up again, even if you have numerous cables in one place.


You can individualise them by writing or drawing onto the dedicated white field on the reverse.


– 8 different colours
– Customize to your needs
– Made of soft silicone
– All-purpose and re-usable


Other Products

Neon Snake New

Neon-coloured eyecatchers which glow in the dark.


Turtle grabs up to 4 cables and secures them tightly.

Cable Ties Set

Use Cable Ties to quickly and easily bundle your cables and headphones.

Small Snake

Small Snake is ideal for bundling short and thin cables.