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Cable Ties Set

Made of stretchy, re-usable silicone, Cable Ties hold cables up to 85 mm | 3½” diameter together. Simply fold cables / headphones, wrap it around and hook it in. No more tangling of your headphones, charging and other cables. Easy to re-open when you need them.


With three different sizes you can always choose the perfect length for almost every cable dimension.


– 3 different sizes for all kinds of cables
– Made of high-quality silicone
– Easy close and open
– Can be used again and again


Other Products


Turtle grabs up to 4 cables and secures them tightly.

Small Snake

Small Snake is ideal for bundling short and thin cables.

Small Beans

Small Beans guide and fix cables without attracting unwanted attention.


Snake is ideal for bundling and shortening long and bulky cables.